Our Story

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A Dad on a Mission

Power Bites were created by accident. As a busy father, business owner and chef, Sharif Rasheed wanted to create a soft granola bar that his teething son could enjoy. Sharif aimed for healthy ingredients that would actually taste good. As he was making his first batch, they naturally broke into squares. And his son Malcolm, devoured them in a heartbeat. After eating the leftovers, Sharif realized he was onto something. He started implementing the Power Bites into his former juice business and customers loved them. He knew then that this was the product he wanted to focus on.

A Cause to Believe In

There was a time when you would see Sharif on the front lines with his megaphone screaming for social change in the world. He was fueled by a hunger for equality and his passion for social justice. For years he lectured, wrote articles and sat on panels discussing equality. He lived and breathed for positive change.

We believe that snack time should fuel you nutritionally so you can change the world. That’s why we call eating Power Bites “snacktivism.”

A percentage of all sales received will be donated to a public school teacher. It is a great honor to bring #snacktivism to life!

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A The Importance of Flavor

Flavor has always been important. The snacks we eat should be enjoyable. Making flavorful Power Bites is all about the balance of ingredients. These bites are the perfect balance of Fair Trade dark chocolate, dates, maple syrup, cacao, oats, almonds, sea salt and almond butter.

A Consistency is Key

We make sure every batch tastes the same as the last. We do not cut corners or sacrifice flavor for speed. The bites are made in reasonable sized batches that do not compromise the flavor.